Posted On: 9 Sep 2018

G's Cakes is one of the community of great independent retailers that have their business at The Piece Hall. We interviewed owner Alice, to find out more about the new cake shop. 


Tell us a little bit about yourselves – Alice & Dan

We’re both from Halifax. I grew up in Sowerby Bridge and Dan is from the Wheatley area. We were 14 years old when we met and have been together now for 12 years. I’m a part time dentist and Dan plays for Halifax RLFC. He used to play for Toronto Rugby club but when we had our little boy we moved back to Halifax and ended up with extra time to put our baking to good work.


How did you get into baking?

We have always loved baking and cooking in general. I was probably the chief baker when we started out but now that role has been taken over by Dan. Between the two of us we bake all the cakes on sale in the shop as well special orders. It’s always something we’ve enjoyed doing together as a bit of a hobby so it’s great to be able to now do it as a job!


What made you decide to open a cake shop and what does the 'G' stand for?

When we were baking as a hobby we received such amazing feedback when we shared photos online and when friends and family sampled the bakes! We’ve always wanted to own a family business, so between us and with a little help from our families we took the step and created G’s Cakes. G stands for George our little boy who is 10 months old. He causes chaos wherever he goes as he’s almost walking now. Hopefully he will be able to help us out in the shop when he’s a little older.


You opened recently, how has it gone so far?

We opened just a few weeks ago and it has been mad! It’s been better than we ever thought with so many customers coming through the door. Today we had to close early just so we could catch up! We even had to send people away while we baked a fresh batch for them to collect later. We’re still working out how much we need to bake to cater for our day-to-day customers, but we couldn’t have asked for a better start.


Why did you choose to open your first shop at The Piece Hall?

The Piece Hall was a big part of our childhood, we both spent a lot of time here as kids as well as more recently since it reopened. When we started to look for a location for our shop we couldn’t think of anywhere more perfect than The Piece Hall. Since we’ve been open everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. It’s just such a lovely place to spend your day. The other night we were here later than usual and saw The Piece Hall lit up in the dark – it’s truly stunning.

We love the events programme too. We’re all really looking forward to The Blondin Gala on the 15 September. All our families and friends are coming and we can’t wait. Dan’s little brother, Toby, has been helping in the shop with cleaning tables and washing up. He’s started to get a small amount of tips from customers and says he’s saving it up for The Blondin Gala treats!


What makes G’s Cakes special?

Definitely our cupcakes. We wanted them to be extravagant - a treat on top of a treat. We do cakes and tiffin slices too but it’s our cupcakes that really capture people’s attention. Customers can pick and mix a variety of different cupcakes to take away or eat in. We serve Gaggia Intenso coffee from a local company in Elland too. We’ve developed our own roast called G’s Coffee that’s available to buy - so customers can enjoy a cup at home with their takeaway cupcake.


Which cupcakes are your favourite?

It has to be one of the chocolate flavours. We recently made an Oreo chocolate brownie that we placed on top of a chocolate cupcake. It’s a little bit naughty, but so worth it. Dan’s favourite would be the peanut butter tiffin. George is our chief taster, he loves trying the cakes. His favourite is definitely the Victoria Sponge, the messier the better – he had one yesterday and had cream and jam all over him!


What does the future hold for G’s Cakes?

It’s early days but we have some creative ideas for our bakes! We’ll be developing more amazing flavours and recipes to suit all occasions. We’re especially excited for Christmas - Dan is Mr Christmas starting from October!

We like to take George to parent and baby mornings around Halifax, and we’d love to start hosting one in G’s Cakes, so George can meet some new friends.

It has been an amazing first month and we’re really looking forward to the future for G’s Cakes.


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