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Retail Space

Reference Floor Wall FT2 Status
CE1 Colonnade East 392 Unavailable
CE2 Colonnade East 490 Unavailable
CE3 Colonnade East 294 Unavailable
CE4 Colonnade East 490 Unavailable
CE5 Colonnade East 392 Unavailable
CE6 Colonnade East 294 Available Enquire
CE7 Colonnade East 196 Available Enquire
CN24 Colonnade North 392 Unavailable
CN25 Colonnade North 490 Unavailable
CN26 Colonnade North 392 Unavailable
CS10 Colonnade South 294 Available Enquire
CS11 Colonnade South 294 Unavailable
CS12 Colonnade South 294 Unavailable
CS13 Colonnade South 245 Unavailable
CS14 Colonnade South 294 Available Enquire
CS15 Colonnade South 294 Unavailable
CS9 Colonnade South 392 Available Enquire
CW18 Colonnade West 588 Unavailable
CW19 Colonnade West 294 Unavailable
CW20 Colonnade West 392 Unavailable
CW21 Colonnade West 294 Unavailable
CW22 Colonnade West 294 Unavailable
CW23 Colonnade West 490 Unavailable
RE1 Rustic East 196 Unavailable
RE2 Rustic East 490 Unavailable
RE3 Rustic East 294 Unavailable
RE5 Rustic East 392 Unavailable
RE6 Rustic East 294 Unavailable
RE7 Rustic East 490 Unavailable
RN23 Rustic North 490 Unavailable
RN24 Rustic North 490 Unavailable
RN25 Rustic North 294 Unavailable
RN26 Rustic North 392 Unavailable
RN27 Rustic North 294 Unavailable
RN28 Rustic North 392 Unavailable
RS10 Rustic South 294 Unavailable
RS11 Rustic South 392 Unavailable
RS12 Rustic South 294 Unavailable
RS13 Rustic South 294 Unavailable
RS14 Rustic South 588 Unavailable
RS9 Rustic South 392 Unavailable

Food & Drink Space

Reference Floor Wall FT2 Status
AE1 Arcade East 490 Unavailable
AE2 Arcade East 294 Unavailable
AE3 Arcade East 490 Available Enquire
AN7 Arcade North 392 Unavailable
AN8 Arcade North 392 Unavailable
RW15 Rustic West 294 Unavailable
RW16 Rustic West 294 Unavailable
RW19 Rustic West 294 Unavailable
RW20 Rustic West 294 Unavailable
RW21 Rustic West 294 Unavailable
RW22 Rustic West 196 Unavailable
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The Piece Hall heritage regeneration project is also supported by Garfield Weston Foundation and The Wolfson Foundation.
The Piece Hall is independently managed by The Piece Hall Trust, a registered charity, number 1156948. Registered in England and Wales, number 08906735.
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