West Wall

Take a trip down memory lane with Spogs & Spice, a sweet shop that is just as you remember from your childhood.

Step inside and be transported back in time as the delicious smells of your favourite sweets guide you around the traditional shop. 

The shelves are stacked with jars of Pear Drops, Cinder Toffee, Strawberry Laces, Sherbet Lemons, Midget Gems, Chocolate Limes and more, with a pick 'n' mix selection, locally made fudge and an American candy range to really get those tastebuds tingling. 

For those special occasions, Spogs & Spice offer personalised sweet gifts and favours including their best-selling personalised Love Hearts. 



Opening Times
Monday to Saturday 10am - 6pm Sunday to 10am - 4pm
Traditional sweets and personalised gifts
A traditional sweet shop serving jars of your favourite childhood treats.
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